Case Studies: The Story of Data

Case Studies: The Story of Data

In today’s “Yelp culture,” peer to peer reviews are an extremely valuable and important source of information. People connect with stories, more so than the standard sales brochure. At Personify, we use case studies to partner with our clients and tell the story of the recruitment process and highlight the achieved results.

As part of our service offering, Personify captures critical detailed pieces of the talent acquisition process and transforms them into a story, revealing actionable insights not easily recognized in traditional data patterns to help our clients continually improve their recruitment results. In 2013, Personify began partnering with clients to utilize these findings to help other organizations understand the potential value and business impact of Personify’s solutions through writing case studies.

We believe that a well-written case study should be problem and solution-centric and backed by data, as well as customer insights. The case study’s goal should create valuable, relatable content, so a reader can understand how your service or product has helped someone else and see if it could help them too. Whether we’re meeting tight deadlines, highly-specialized recruiting demands, global scope, or all three, Personify delivers exceptional candidates, service, and results, time and again.

Here are some of our favorite case studies. You can find our entire library, here.

Diagnostics Manufacturer: Logistics/Distribution Operations

In this case study, we highlighted how we pulled off a quick-turnaround time for a medical device company that develops, manufactures, and markets products that simplify, automate, and innovate complex biomedical testing. Headquartered in the United States, the company employs over 10,000 employees worldwide with operations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia/Pacific.

At the time, the company was experiencing growth tied to recent acquisitions of multiple other diagnostic manufacturers between 2013 and 2014. Subsequently, in March of 2014, the company announced a plan to complete a $10 million expansion of the Northern Kentucky location’s operations. This growth, along with other contributing factors for increased capacity, inspired the company’s parent company to conduct a formal performance assessment of the distribution center. The results of the evaluation indicated that the center was underperforming and not meeting the expectations of the parent company’s and the operating company’s executives.

After four weeks of on-site support in the temp-to-perm conversion, the company reached out to Personify, as well as a second RPO provider, requesting both of us to provide proposals to solve the second portion of the project — recruiting and hiring the remainder of the approved headcount for the fourth shift.

With a small portion of the contractors already hired, the approximately 140 direct hires would need to come from external sources. Within 24 hours, we developed a proposal designed to manage full-cycle, multi-faceted candidate sourcing that provided extended on-site support and delivery of the hires within six weeks. Here’s how we did it.

Clinical Research Organization

In this case study, the client was a leading research organization that services the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The company employs over 10,000 individuals in over 80 locations across 23 countries. It is continuously expanding its industry presence through organic growth, as well as through acquisition. The company’s employee population ranges from traditional corporate job profiles to hourly, non-exempt research technicians and associates.

In 2017, the company’s facility in rural Ohio was experiencing extreme growth. The company had acquired the site via acquisition the year prior, and the demand for operational output was steadily increasing. The site’s HR team was struggling to fill monthly headcount quotas for their non-exempt, technician-level requisitions.

The finding and qualifying of candidates for these positions proved challenging, partly because the qualifications of a strong candidate for the role are largely intangible ones. These positions required employees to work non-traditional schedules, which included night and weekend shifts, and be on their feet most of the shift; qualities like strong teamwork experience and meeting strict customer deadlines were paramount.

Personify developed and initiated a customized, on-demand solution to help the company achieve their hiring goals. See our strategy and results here.

In 2019, we’re working hard to use case studies to dive deeper into analyzing results achieved with our Talent Relationship Management platform. Similarly, as online content continues to visually transform, we’re exploring opportunities to add video testimonials to our case studies to highlight the results and benefits the client has experienced. Keep your eyes peeled for these developments later in the year.

To learn more about Personify’s Talent Relationship Management solution, please click here or speak with one of our team members directly here.

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