How to deal with a recruitment agency

How to deal with a recruitment agency

Look, we get it. There’s a certain perception around recruitment agencies, and the business world seems to think we’re the big bad wolf. Contrary to popular opinion, we have no desire to gobble up the red riding hoods of this world. Wait, what?!

We’re constantly asked how HR departments can work better with recruitment agencies, as if the war still raged on. For us, the war is over between HR and recruitment; however, if your HR department is still having some teething problems, we’ve put together a few tips to help you deal with us:

Always say it

The only thing that ensures the success of any relationship is continued communication. If you hate something, tell us. If you love it, tell us. If you’re annoyed or unhappy with candidates, processes, or anything else, tell us. We cannot stress this enough. We’ve seen relationships break down time and time again because someone didn’t want to have an awkward conversation. On the other hand, we love awkward conversations, and we’re always happy to have them. These conversations are necessary components of continuous improvement and relationship development. If we don’t know what you’re upset about, we can never fix it.

The only thing that ensures the success of any relationship is continued communication.Click To Tweet

In or out?

When agencies are working with HR, they will always look to the organization to provide the guidelines. You set the pace, tone, and boundaries. Let agencies know at the very start of projects how involved you want to be. If you’re looking to hand off the entire process and never want to think about it until it’s time to send out an offer letter, that’s perfectly fine, just let us know what we’re working with. Alternatively, you might want to know every tiny detail from the candidates in pipeline, to interviews scheduled, to what we had for breakfast. That’s also totally fine, but just let us know how in or how out you want to be.

No secrets

Once the secrets start to build, the relationship begins to fall apart. Or so we’ve been told anyway. The point is there should never be any secrets between your recruitment agency and HR department. It will cause cracks later down the line, and if you feel like you’re working with an agency that you can’t be absolutely truthful with, then get rid of them and find a new one.

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The talent you recruit into your organization is the reason your business will flourish or fail. Recruitment is too important of a strategic tool for your organization to have it be characterized by cracked relationships and fractured processes between agencies and HR. If you feel it, say it. It’s honestly that simple, and honesty will always be your ally.

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