Fishing in the Dead Sea: resolving limited candidate pools

Fishing in the Dead Sea: resolving limited candidate pools

Looking for something and not being able to find it might be one of the most annoying feelings out there. Rivalled only by looking for something you can’t find when you’re in a rush. It’s infuriating, everyone is shouting at you, and you end up flustered and irritated.

This is exactly what HR goes through when they’re looking for a specific skill set to hire into the organization. Too many good HR leaders have been driven to madness trying to find candidates in extremely limited pools.

But before you start tearing your hair out and burning the building down in a rage, a few things that might help:

Phone a friend

Starting an employee referral program might just save your sanity. Constant rewards can potentially keep your own employees adding talent to the pool, saving you a lot of hard work and energy. Referrals are often better natural fits with company culture, stay with your company longer, and are ultimately more satisfied. It’s quite literally a win-win situation.

Starting an employee referral program might just save your sanity. Click To Tweet

Do it for the gram

Since Instagram sky rocketed into the halls of social media fame a few years ago, everyone seems to have jumped on the bandwagon. Companies have specific Instagram pages and hashtags are flying around like crazy. Many people still think it’s only for fitness models and pictures of your dinner; however, we beg to differ. If you’re searching for talent in limited pools, your aim is always to try and get them to come to you. But you need to give them something to come for. Creating an Instagram account that showcases your company’s personality; its awesome moments as well as its ambition, is one of the best ways to draw talent to you. It’s your way of lifting the curtain and showing what goes on behind closed doors.

Shake it up

We often get so consumed searching for talent that it’s easy to forget our own walls are bursting with it. Create a talent mobility program that gives your own employees the opportunity to grow and advance in the organization. We are all looking to develop ourselves, and often you already have the talent you need. In addition, it’s sometimes easier to upskill your own employees and fill their own positions “organically.”

It’s sometimes easier to upskill your own employees and fill their own positions “organically.”Click To Tweet

The pen is mightier than the sword

We live in a world of content marketing, and candidates want to be spoken to. Creating relevant content that speaks to your talent pool is an incredible way to reach out to your target audience. The internet is one giant Tinder, and we’re all looking to swipe right on something that attracts us. Make sure your content is exactly what your candidates are looking for, whether it be insightful, helpful, informative or fun, and then start romancing them.

We agree that limited talent pools as a by-product of candidate-driven markets are a nightmare for HR departments, but they don’t have to be. This doesn’t need to be something you lose sleep over, and the small steps you take now, will begin to pave the way for an incredibly strong future

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