Love me tender, love me sweet

Love me tender, love me sweet

Imagine you found the love of your life after a string of bad dates and failed relationships, and then you decided to stop paying them any attention and they walked away, leaving you heartbroken and bitter.

It sounds a little dramatic admittedly, but it’s essentially what happens with new hires all the time, which naturally is the most infuriating thing when you’re a recruitment agency and have spent hours, blood, sweat, and tears finding the perfect people in the first place. Well, maybe not blood or tears, but sometimes we sweat.

The point is, there’s tricks to onboarding new employees that ensures how welcomed they feel, which in turn determines how long they’ll stay. So we put a few of the best together:

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Set up the infrastructure

That includes everything from working computers and phones, to stationary and coffee mugs. Walking into a new environment is terrifying enough, having to find the supply room and dig through looking for a stapler and pens is possibly the worst thing. The supply room is bad enough when you work there, let alone on your first day.

Be social

It’s not all business meetings and conference room chats. On the first day, plan a team lunch, so that there is a social activity in which your entire team can bond and meet the latest addition. It takes the pressure off a little and allows everyone to relax and engage authentically with one another. You could even take your new hire for lunch alone, showing them that they’re important and respected. It also helps to build a strong relationship and encourage communication between employer and employee.

It’s not all business meetings and conference room chats.Click To Tweet

Keep it short and sweet

Asking a new employee to sit down for five hours and watch training videos is most definitely not the way to go. No one can concentrate for that long, and shoving your newest teammate in a corner doesn’t leave them with a good impression.


Assigning different people from across the business to spend time with your new hire throughout their first day is a great way to get them involved in the business and what everyone does. It also breaks up their day and gives them different perspectives and outlooks.

Meetings, meetings, meetings

Schedule in all the meetings you want your new hire to have in the first week. It gives them a busy week to start with and gets them to meet everyone from across departments. It also means you don’t have to explain how the entire business works as the heads of each division can do that in their own words. Plus, it makes everyone less of a stranger.


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