Quarterly Core Value Award Winners

Quarterly Core Value Award Winners

In the Fall of 2017, the Personify Ethics Committee revamped our Core Values by launching the #howiPFY campaign (or humility - ownership - win - integrity - positivity - family - yardage ) to infuse these traits into every aspect of our culture better.

It's critically important to not only have core values that people see and hear about often but also for the organization to recognize instances where employees behaviors directly align with those core values. Each quarter, the committee seeks out stories from everyone at Personify to recognize those instances. Moreover, because employees nominate each other, this process has built a culture where employees are excited about seeing those behaviors in their peers and want to send in the stories more often. People are connecting our Core Values to the actions of their peers, and the behavior recognition cycle is starting to come full circle.

Read more about the Q2 2018 Core Value Award recipients and their #howiPFY stories below.

Humility – Anna Cutchin

“I could nominate Anna for more than one award (humility, positivity, integrity). She never seeks the spotlight or praise for anything – ever. Partly due to that, it flew pretty far under my radar how great she was doing in her role until I personally interviewed HR and hiring managers who gave her praise along the lines of “she’s brilliant” and “she immediately fixes any issues and never makes the same mistake twice.” She’s open to feedback and acts on it.




Ownership – Sarah Kudrak

“Although Sarah doesn’t get to be a part of the Personify in-office culture everyday, that doesn’t affect her drive or willingness to work extra hard to ensure our success as a team. She has played an integral part in the success of new initiatives, pitching in every chance she can.”




Win – Ryan Gonyo

“I would like Ryan to be recognized for the Win Core Value Award. With a desk less than a year old, Ryan brokered new relationships and built upon existing ones to break a Personify record for the number of placements in one month. Also during this time, Ryan was the first Account Executive to punch his ticket for our annual pacesetter trip. More importantly, the way Ryan celebrates success is contagious. If you watch his body language during a bell ringing or morning meeting, it is difficult to tell if it was his team or another’s win. Ryan’s moral compass is cemented not to just win, but to win the right way. Ryan’s character is everything this award was built upon.”


Integrity – Danielle Robinson

“Danielle was awesome when I was out and traveling for work, and she did not once complain or get frustrated with me on the amount of work she had to do while I was out. She came in early, she stayed late, and she worked on the weekends to ensure that I had my attention focused on my vacation and the work I was doing while traveling. I am so thankful to have her as a teammate, and I cannot thank her and my team enough for all of their help!”

Positivity – Hillary Revington

“Hillary stepped up to the plate and took a lot of hits for me while I was on vacation and traveling. She took over my requisitions, handled extremely difficult update calls, and I was notified that she handled the update calls and requisition load with the utmost care and compassion, not complaining one bit. It’s been a great pleasure working with her over the last year and a half, and I am extremely grateful that Personify has brought us together! All I can say is ‘Thank You so you much for all of your dedication and willingness to help. You’re awesome!”



Family – Cam Lowry

“Cam is such an amazing colleague and friend. He made time to come and see my family after our little girl arrived. He came bearing amazing food and plenty of smiles. I’m definitely proud to know him and really amazed at his willingness to be such a blessing.”





Yardage – Nick Pokoluk

“I would like to nominate Nick for this quarter’s yardage Core Value award because he goes above and beyond to ensure the success of our team and our clients, all while upholding the other 6 core values.”

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Lydia Jensen
Lydia Jensen
1 year ago

I can add so much additional affirmation to these awards. Each of these people are amazing and go above and beyond. I am proud to call them co-worker, colleague, and role model. Each award given was so deserved!

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