Personify + Erin Matson

A partnership committed to leadership and excellence

Erin Matson

Three-time NCAA Division I
National Field Hockey Champion

About Erin Matson

Erin Matson is a UNC Women’s Field Hockey co-captain, three-time NCAA Division I National Champion, a member of the US National Field Hockey Team, and was named one of the top ten female athletes in ACC conference history by the ACC Network in 2021.

Why We’re Partnering with Erin

Our partnership with Erin Matson is centered around leadership and the pursuit of excellence. What does it take to be a leader who constantly pursues excellence? Whether you’re the best collegiate field hockey player in the US or a recruitment process outsourcing firm, you need talent, training, and tenacity.

#Talent: It takes a person with unique capabilities and skills to become the best field hockey player. Not everyone can do it. Likewise, the same is true for recruiting – it’s not for everyone. At Personify, we hire people who have the right communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills to connect with candidates and get them to “yes” in today’s challenging talent market.  

#Training: Even the most gifted athletes won’t excel or reach the top without the right training regimen. The best athletes constantly refine and hone their skills. The same is true for recruiting. Not only do we hire people with an aptitude for recruiting, we also provide them with a rigorous and ongoing training program and the tools and resources to be successful. 

#Tenacity: Even when you’re armed with great physical ability, training, coaching, and resources, without a tenacious attitude, you’re unlikely to be the best. In the pursuit of excellence, a “never quit” attitude is required. At Personify, we put our best effort into everything we do. While we don’t expect perfection, we never stop pursuing it.

To learn what Personify and Erin Matson have in common and why we initiated the partnership, click the video below. 

As a leading provider of HR services to Fortune 500 companies globally, we felt an overwhelming responsibility to re-set the bar for NIL partnerships and actively work to address gender inequities in sports and business.

-Ryan Carfley
CEO and President of Personify

The Finding Erin Matson Story

When college athletes won the ability to participate in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals earlier this year, Personify immediately saw it as an opportunity to make a difference for aspiring college athletes. 60% of our employees are women, and we wanted our athletic partnership to reflect that. But when we learned nearly 80% of early NIL money went to football players*, we knew we had to think outside of the box to find and promote diverse talent and shine a spotlight on women’s college athletics, which has been underserved for decades.

As part of our commitment to DE&I, we wanted to expand our NIL Partnership search to find the best college athlete who shared Personify’s commitment to leadership and the pursuit of excellence beyond the most common athletic areas. It didn’t take us long to discover Erin Matson. Matson is one of the most highly decorated field hockey players in the US, and her name is often mentioned in the same breath as notable UNC alums Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm.

Through our partnership with Erin, we hope to inspire business leaders to continue finding ways to address the challenges of gender inequality wherever they exist. We believe this sponsorship shows that when you look for the best in slightly different ways, you don’t have to look hard to find extraordinary talent in plain sight.

Personify + Erin Matson Shared Values

We constantly challenge ourselves and commit to each other our best effort in the face of every challenge, no matter how big or small. Our mutual commitments bind us together and fuel our performance. While we don’t expect perfection, we are a team that never stops pursuing excellence.

Locked Arms, Long Strides

More About Erin Matson

Erin Matson was born in Pennsylvania, United States, and is currently studying advertising and public relations through the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. She was part of the U-16 USA Field Hockey team at the age of nine, three-time NCAA Division I Field Hockey Champion, Team USA member, entrepreneur, mentor to aspiring young female athletes, and her dream job is to work for Nike.