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When you choose Personify's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution, we have the ability to take on a portion or all of the duties associated with recruitment for your organization. We can manage the entire process from workforce planning to candidate sourcing and interview scheduling, all the way through to offer, onboarding, and retention. What’s more, we’ll collect critical information along the way to help us optimize our results the longer we work together.


By design, an RPO solution can help your business in a number of ways.

Improving your organization’s time to fill

Increasing the quality of your candidate pool

Providing verifiable metrics

Reducing recruitment and hiring costs

Improving governmental compliance


Create a baseline.

In our opinion, prescription prior to diagnosis is criminal. The same goes for your talent acquisition strategy. The first thing we do as part of our RPO solution is to analyze your organization’s current hiring practices, challenges, and metrics. By creating a baseline for our work, including an exhaustive standard work process, you’ll be able to see how well our methods are improving your results.

Our Recruitment Process

Search smarter, not harder.

Personify employs a variety of innovative recruitment techniques in a system of phases that assigns sourcing strategy and cost with the makeup and urgency of a search.

Phase 1 Active

Phase 1 Active Candidate Search

Our Active Candidate Search starts with employing a high-powered electronic campaign, much more robust than the standard “Post and Pray” methodology. Strategic partnerships with the world’s largest employment boards and networks, along with more grassroots efforts in industry-specific schools and groups, help us to engage with the best active candidates for our clients’ openings.


Phase 2 Passive

Phase 2 Passive Candidate Search

Our Passive Candidate Search involves targeting highly-qualified individuals who aren’t actively seeking a new position. Our firm’s fundamental experience, over 40 years’ worth, has been in this type of “executive” search, but not just in the C-Suite. Our capabilities span all job families and position levels. This includes mining our own mature databases of candidates along with identifying prospects currently employed with your competitors.


Phase 3 Agency

Phase 3 Agency Search

Our phased model allows for the flexibility to utilize additional third-party recruiting agencies in extreme cases of an opening having a niche job profile and an aggressive Time-to-Fill deadline. Personify still maintains a streamlined process with hiring managers and HR, even when candidates come from other sources.

Spoiler alert: Our RPO customers are historically hiring candidates from those other agencies less than 5% of the time.


Supplemental Process Support Services

On top of the actual candidate sourcing, throughout our RPO partnership, we can serve as the dedicated resource for any and all additional tasks associated with recruiting that typically falls to HR, including but not limited to:

  • Applicant Tracking System Consulting & Setup
  • Full Lifecycle Requisition Management
  • Employment Branding
  • Posting and Social Media Strategy
  • Live Candidate Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Travel and Reimbursement Coordination
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • New Hire Onboarding

All in all

Our proprietary RPO solution helps your organization achieve several specific objectives.

Better market coverage

Controlled speed of recruiting

Controlled and managed data

Improved cost containment

Managed employment brand


How We Prove It:

Engaging candidates on a personal level will forever be an art form. Managing an organization’s entire recruiting function, though, is very much a science—one that we are constantly working to perfect. We measure every single step in a recruitment process, down to the individual keystrokes. Below is just a sampling of some all-time best metrics we’re proud of. Get in touch, and we’ll gladly share some more.


Jobs Filled Since 2014


Quality of Submits All Time


Reduction in Time-to-Fill


Reduction in Cost-Per-Hire


Client Experience

  • “Our decision to do an RPO with Personify was based on 3 key reasons: 1) they are not solely a ‘recruitment firm’—they are far more than that; 2) they have expert industry knowledge; and 3) they have a track record of successful placements with us with a high retention rate. They always ensure that our HR processes and compliance requirements are met.”

  • “Personify’s approach to RPO was unique and extremely flexible. It allowed our managers to select the best talent in the market, saved the HR team valuable time, and saved the organization money. Personify’s team members are true partners and the most dedicated professionals in the industry.”

  • “Our decision to begin working with Personify was based on their industry expertise, uncompromised customer service, and commitment to overall quality.”


Candidate Experience

  • “During the process, it was Rosie Doolan whom I worked with for the most part. Rosie was 100% fantastic. She stayed on top of the progress closely and was wonderful at the bilateral communications between myself and the company. She was totally genuine, honest, and helpful. I enjoyed working with her to the maximum extent. ”

    — Recently Placed Regulatory Affairs Specialist

  • “My recruiter was Kyle Doneth. From initial conversations, it was clear that he was not just another recruiter. He was able to identify and align values with objectives, delivering an incredible opportunity that I couldn't say no. His professional demeanor truly inspire me to connect with the opportunity. More than ever in my +25 years in the medical industry, I look forward to my next step, and it's all because of Kyle. I just can't say thank you enough.”

    — Recently Placed Medical Affairs Director

  • “My recruiter, Danielle Robinson, and the whole team were simply a pleasure to work with. Danielle was always very attentive to all my questions and very helpful throughout the coaching process. I have worked with other recruiters, and I have to say that working with Personify has been by far the best experience. Thank you!”

    — Recently Placed Regulatory Affairs Director

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