Talent Relationship Management

Not a war for talent, but a fight for attention

Personify’s Talent Relationship Management solution creates a science around generating a response to attract and convert potential candidates into future employees.

Talent Relationship Management

Treating candidates like customers to effect buyer decision of job seeker to consider your company

Employment branding plays a critical role in transforming potential candidates into a bench of “ready now” talent.

Personify's approach involves:


The targeted name generation and pipelining components of Personify’s Talent Relationship Management solution involves intelligent, proactive sourcing, rather than inefficient, reactive sourcing, to create deep candidate pools that can be tapped into quickly.

By building these pipelines at the onset of a project, we are able to strategically interact with these potential candidates.


The talent communities piece of Personify’s Talent Relationship Management solution takes a content marketing approach to communicating with talent communities by cultivating long-term relationships with potential future employees.


It begins by identifying online environments where candidates with the desired skill sets spend their time, advertising to those audiences, and inviting them to join your branded talent community.

These individuals, along with those identified in the targeted name generation step, will have the opportunity to receive custom, curated content through consistent messaging to build your brand in the market.

Through the social listening and candidate persona mapping to identify the particular audience’s motivations, interests, goals, and behaviors, we will create custom, curated content to message the community consistently and keep them engaged with your company brand.


Our Talent Relationship Management Solution paired with our Talent Acquisition Model ensures there is always a ready now bench of qualified candidates that can be delivered on demand as quickly as possible.